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Driving instructions!data=!4m21!3m17!1m5!1sKeflav%C3%ADk+International+Airport+(KEF)%2C+Iceland!2s0x4929fdfce2ab799f%3A0x27f88d0a15c328cd!3m2!3d63.996136!4d-22.623408!1m1!1sStoraborg!3m8!1m3!1d48542!2d-22.623408!3d63.996136!3m2!1i1366!2i666!4f13.1!5m2!13m1!1e1&fid=0 

It takes 1 hour and 38 min. to drive from the Keflavik airport to Borgarnes.  From Borgarnes to the summerhous is 11 km.  In Borgarnes is two supermarkets, one is called Bonus and the other one is Netto.

You drive through *Borgarnes*, going north.  About 11 km. north of  Borgarnes, (road towards Akureyri).

After you pass the only bridge there´s on the road from Borgarnes to Akureyri, you make the first left turn you will see. Its name is "*klapparholt*". (Next turn to right would be *Hvanneyri*, and you would
know you have gone too far).

After taking the left turn, you will see the house, red and beauitful up on a hill. 


storaborg 2

Borgarnes 311

Opening hours:

The cabin is open all year around.